Monday, October 27, 2014

Kirby costume made by Laura the best mom ever- guest post

Guest Post- Laura is the best mom ever, a good friend of mine for many years, likes to run and do interesting things, has rescued me on many occasions, is a total bad-ass professional and hates Wal-Mart.
I am so lucky to have such crafty friends who are willing to allow me to exploit them as guest on my blog.  Not only did Laura send me Pictures, but she basically wrote the post with detailed explanations.  I am super impressed, and I'm sure you will be too!

From Laura:

Kayla wanted to be Kirby, but the costume isn't something you can buy in a store.

I searched for how to guides and found the easiest way was to use a 35" balloon, then use paper mâché. 
Kayla would have none of that. She wanted a metal frame. 

I wanted something easier, so I found some 36" nylon Chinese lanterns that would make a perfect shell. 

36" Irregular Ribbed White Nylon Lantern

These are the colors of felt I used. 
I needed 
3 sheets of red (one per shoe)
1 sheet of black
1 sheet of white
1 sheet of bright blue
1 sheet of pink

I started with making a shell for the feet. 

I made a basic shell around her shoes, sewed the sides and cut out the hole for her foot.
She is a size 12-13 shoe so it only took one 8 1/2 x 11" of red felt per shoe. 

For the face, 
I made the shapes free hand on paper. It took a little trial and error. 
I cut out the paper shapes and pinned them to the felt to cut them out.

 I made the stencil for the cheeks using paper and the pink felt. 

Then a semi triangular shape for the mouth in red and a pink tongue. 
We bought  4 yards of pink fabric. I tried to make a shell with the fabric by hand stitching the whole thing. 

 The problem is, it didn't work. The fabric was too heavy and made the Chinese lantern collapse. 

So we went for plan B. We went to Lowe's and bought pink spray paint. We took our pink fabric with us and found This Valspar brand was the perfect color. 

In case you want to make it yourself, here is the part number and the name of the color- "Glossy Frosty Berry"

The Chinese lantern came with a metal insert. I reshaped it and hung the costume/lantern from our tire swing and began to spray paint. 

NOTE: it took 2 bottles of spray paint to paint the whole costume.

I used the pink fleece fabric we bought from the evil place (aka. Walmart) to make Kirby's little arms.  

I used an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper to make the shape, cut out the fabric with a 1/2 inch seam and sewed it with pink thread. 

This is the color thread I used. 
I used the cheapest stuffing I could find at the evil place. It was around $5.

I pinned the arms to the body to make sure it looked even, it took a few tries to get it right. 

Pinned everything on and had my daughter out in the costume, because we still needed arm holes. 

We figured out where to put the holes. I made a circle out of paper and checked that it was big enough for my daughter's hands and arms to fit through. I put the stencil on the costume.Then with my daughter in the costume used the fabric glue to glue on the felt eyes, cheeks and mouth. It was helpful to have her in it because she could push out on the fabric and make sure the pieces have a strong bond to the lantern.

So after complaining about the head hole being uncomfortable, I used the felt fabric to make a fabric ring around the head hole to make the costume more comfortable for my daughter. 

I used the fabric glue to adhere it to the costume. 

Note: the Chinese lantern holes were too small for my kid to fit into. I had to cut the fabric and the metal cage to make it work.  I had to use pliers for that part. 

If you're going to try this, make sure you have good scissors. I bought a cheap pair from the evil place and regretted it. They wouldn't cut through the fleece fabric.  Get better scissors. 

You have to find a way to hold up/suspend this costume. I used a pool noodle and a chair for most of it and the rope from my kid's tire swing to paint the costume. 

So, Laura wins this year for:  Best mom ever, subcategory: time consuming and impressive costume creation from scratch. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sorry for all the mean things I said about you, camping.

So, we have been camping- which is something I never thought I would have any interest in-  I used to be like, "If I wanted to sleep outdoors I'd be homeless!  I work hard to pay bills in order to avoid that!"
But then this happened:
Jon bought a camper and we made it all cute.
So now I'm all about camping.  I bought cute boots, a headlamp, and I go on websites like and 
Turns out camping involves things I love:
-planning and making lists in preparation

-eating (hobo food!  See below)
-drinking cocktails
-not using the internet/interacting with people I love instead of computers

-fire pit conversation
-bike riding

-hiking around
-and usually, waterfalls and woodland creatures

(this is J Mar, our friend Cody's dog. He's super nice.)

The things I don't love are:
-Being cold (which I correct by wearing adorable coats and hats)
-Bears (cute but scary)
-Not showering  (I am only up to one night trips because of this. I'll get over it eventually.)

So, camping is great and I was wrong. AND the best part?
You can cook meals in foil, and they are seriously tasty- and easy.

I did this at home- double layers of nonstick foil filled with the following:
-cut-up potatoes
-frozen long green beans
-diced onions
-sliced beef kielbasa
-olive oil, salt and pepper

But 1st, a fire needed to be made.   Just the thing for a 14 year old with lots of energy, and general interest in using a hatchet. 

then we just put the bundles in the fire to cook,  about half an hour.  we repositioned them occasionally.
and waited excitedly...



I made an attempt to make cinnamon rolls on another trip the same way but the results were questionable- we let them cook way too long thinking they would take a long time so the bottoms were burnt.  So, lesson learned.

I'm learning to be a pretty good hobo cook- If I come up with any more good meals I'll be sure to share!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Camper remodel: Pop-up, Slide in

Campers are just like tiny houses!  I love miniature things and Jon was so kind as to let me redecorate his newest purchase, this sweet vintage pop-up camper.  He did nothing but research campers and craigslist his butt off for weeks, and here is our beautiful result:
Purchased at a steal from a guy named Aaron in WY- He was super nice and helped Jon install the camper.
We took the LOOOONG way home, due to the highway being closed, and it was the best drive ever- Snow on the mountains, and wildflowers on the ground!
 If you've never been over Guanella Pass, CO, please make it a priority, it was so cool!

We did some renovations over the next couple weeks:

We just put a blanket over the top bed part, with my novice upholstery skills I deemed it too ambitious. It's been working beautifully.

A good cleaning, some febreeze, and little jute area rugs were essentials. I found the rugs for $10 each at this store called AtHome. 
The curtains were particularly tricky- they were grubby (and boring!) so they def. needed changed, but they had little grommets that would need to be sewn directly into the fabric, and I wasn't crazy about creating a whole new system. My workaround: Cut and launder the top 2 inches of the existing curtains, then sew new fabric underneath to create new curtains using the existing hardware.

Here's an example up close:

So it's turned out to be adorable, and it's been one of the most rewarding projects ever. 
The upholstery fabric cost about $80 (Hobby lobby, and I used a coupon)
I needed a new staple gun and staples, $10
The curtain/pillow fabric is from JoAnn and was about $40, plus $10 for a pillow form.
Rugs: $20
 So the actual DECORATING cost of this project so far has been only $160.
We still plan to change out the carpeted areas, and Jon has already done some re-wiring and propane-related things that I didn't include here.
Turns out I might be into camping after all!