Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sorry for all the mean things I said about you, camping.

So, we have been camping- which is something I never thought I would have any interest in-  I used to be like, "If I wanted to sleep outdoors I'd be homeless!  I work hard to pay bills in order to avoid that!"
But then this happened:
Jon bought a camper and we made it all cute.
So now I'm all about camping.  I bought cute boots, a headlamp, and I go on websites like  http://www.sierratradingpost.com/ and http://www.theclymb.com/ 
Turns out camping involves things I love:
-planning and making lists in preparation

-eating (hobo food!  See below)
-drinking cocktails
-not using the internet/interacting with people I love instead of computers

-fire pit conversation
-bike riding

-hiking around
-and usually, waterfalls and woodland creatures

(this is J Mar, our friend Cody's dog. He's super nice.)

The things I don't love are:
-Being cold (which I correct by wearing adorable coats and hats)
-Bears (cute but scary)
-Not showering  (I am only up to one night trips because of this. I'll get over it eventually.)

So, camping is great and I was wrong. AND the best part?
You can cook meals in foil, and they are seriously tasty- and easy.

I did this at home- double layers of nonstick foil filled with the following:
-cut-up potatoes
-frozen long green beans
-diced onions
-sliced beef kielbasa
-olive oil, salt and pepper

But 1st, a fire needed to be made.   Just the thing for a 14 year old with lots of energy, and general interest in using a hatchet. 

then we just put the bundles in the fire to cook,  about half an hour.  we repositioned them occasionally.
and waited excitedly...



I made an attempt to make cinnamon rolls on another trip the same way but the results were questionable- we let them cook way too long thinking they would take a long time so the bottoms were burnt.  So, lesson learned.

I'm learning to be a pretty good hobo cook- If I come up with any more good meals I'll be sure to share!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Camper remodel: Pop-up, Slide in

Campers are just like tiny houses!  I love miniature things and Jon was so kind as to let me redecorate his newest purchase, this sweet vintage pop-up camper.  He did nothing but research campers and craigslist his butt off for weeks, and here is our beautiful result:
Purchased at a steal from a guy named Aaron in WY- He was super nice and helped Jon install the camper.
We took the LOOOONG way home, due to the highway being closed, and it was the best drive ever- Snow on the mountains, and wildflowers on the ground!
 If you've never been over Guanella Pass, CO, please make it a priority, it was so cool!

We did some renovations over the next couple weeks:

We just put a blanket over the top bed part, with my novice upholstery skills I deemed it too ambitious. It's been working beautifully.

A good cleaning, some febreeze, and little jute area rugs were essentials. I found the rugs for $10 each at this store called AtHome. 
The curtains were particularly tricky- they were grubby (and boring!) so they def. needed changed, but they had little grommets that would need to be sewn directly into the fabric, and I wasn't crazy about creating a whole new system. My workaround: Cut and launder the top 2 inches of the existing curtains, then sew new fabric underneath to create new curtains using the existing hardware.

Here's an example up close:

So it's turned out to be adorable, and it's been one of the most rewarding projects ever. 
The upholstery fabric cost about $80 (Hobby lobby, and I used a coupon)
I needed a new staple gun and staples, $10
The curtain/pillow fabric is from JoAnn and was about $40, plus $10 for a pillow form.
Rugs: $20
 So the actual DECORATING cost of this project so far has been only $160.
We still plan to change out the carpeted areas, and Jon has already done some re-wiring and propane-related things that I didn't include here.
Turns out I might be into camping after all!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Bear Family fabric= Instant awesomeness

Ahh, a good sewing project that results in adorable Colorado-y cuteness.  It's like a mountain stream and a rainbow had a baby, and out came these fabulous bear-family fabric creations:

I PROMISE we will NEVER wear them at the same time and sicken everyone with our adorableness!
I ordered this fabric from http://www.girlcharlee.com/ and I am smitten!

I bought the following:
tank top for me
black vneck for Jon
My sweety actually requested that I make him something out of the fabric too, which made me stupidly happy. I love demonstrating my value through crafts.
SO I made him a pocket tee:

And what should have been the easiest project on earth became the most frustrating ordeal.  My "vintage" sewing machine is evidently made for old fabrics, like burlap or something.  I cannot even count the amount of times that stupid pocket got gummed up in that stupid machine.  It was STRAIGHT LINES for gods sake. So aggrevating.  But I am a survivor, so I perservered and the result is somewhat wonky.  (He said it makes it even better that it's imperfect, and I'm not going to question him. Did I mention how sweet he is??)

I cut a vaguely pocket-shaped blob and ironed it out flat with the edges strategically folded under

Here is the resulting debacle.  I kinda want a do-over, but the point of the project is: What's to stop me from sewing pockets on everything I own? And he says he loves it, and I'm not going to argue with him.
I also made myself a tank top:

It turned out remarkably better than the pocket, somehow.  My machine really seems to prefer zigzag stitch.

1.  I cut the front part off of the tank top, and cut the straps.
2.  I used the front part of the tank to as a guide and cut the front out of the fabric

 It occured to me that the neckline looked way nicer on the shirt I had purchased, so I stole it and sewed it onto my tank instead of awkwardly trying to create one.
OOH I can wear it when I go outside in wildlife!  The bears will trust me, they'll be like, OOh She's cool, lets make friends with her.
I look like this in mine, and I couldnt decide which pic of jon looking adorable in his, so here's 4: 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thanks, Ambitious Procrastinator!

My dear friend and fellow blogger (Better blogger!) Nikki of http://www.theambitiousprocrastinator.com/ was kind enough to donate a little patio table and 2 chairs (along with a window AC unit and a birdfeeder! Score!) when she moved away. 
They needed a little lovin, and I know an easy project when I see one, so I snatched up that table and chairs, and loaded them tetris-style into the ol' WRX to it's new and beautiful life.

I forgot to take a picture of the supplies, but here is a list: 
-2 cans of springy yellowy green spray paint with primer in it. (MJ

 told me that if I followed through with my original color choice, coral, he changed his mind about them giving me the table)
-a dropcloth

And now this happens:
Nikki would be proud.
Oh, and the other chair?  I ran out of paint. Maybe I'll do that one coral! hahahaha