Sunday, January 19, 2014

Its Bigger on the Inside- Tardis Door

Old Man W is a total nerdy bird, so I knew just what to do for him while he was at his dad's over christmas break- I made his door into a Tardis.
 What is it? Well, please allow to answer your question, since I dont really know due to my excessive viewing of less refined shows, like Mindy Project and more Mindy Project.

I'm not going to pretend this was my idea, it absolutely wasn't. There are a bunch of pics on Pinterest that people have uploaded, and I had some difficulty finding blog posts or tutorials.  The only ones I found were at and, and they were very different kinds of doors than my... economical (cheap) plain door.

Step one was paint. and wine.

It only took a quart of paint, but did require several coats, even thought I did splurge on the paint-and-primer fancy paint.  Because I am so very refined.

This is my badass painting face.

I made the treacherous and exciting journey to the Dollar store in a questionable neighborhood to score some cheap frames ($3 each) and sketchy looking glue.

I laid them out to paint, and I used a slightly darker and shinier blue for the frames.


After it was dry (only one coat necessary!)


I taped off where I wanted the frames to end, and then measured where along the tape each frame should be and made a little mark, so I wouldnt have to mess with measurements while I was gluing.
Then, I used the glue to attach the frames.
(I expect to have to buy Slumlord Bob a new door upon move-out.)
The top 2 frames were a little different, I kept the glass in them to make the little windows-

I glued the glass back in the frame after I painted the panes, then glued those up like the others.
After the frames were firmly affixed, and only one was wonky, I moved on to the top.
I taped off where I wanted the top.
***Note: I have tried every kind of painters tape ever. This one is the BLUE tape, and the label indicated that it was specially made for paint bleeding reduction and sharp lines, and I have fallen for this lie on multiple occasions. Frog tape is my favorite and the blue tape, along with other tape disappointments is going straight in the trash. Rant over.***

 Black acrylic paint made the black box, and I hand-lettered the writing.  It was tempting to buy one of those vinyl letter kits from etsy but I have no patience to wait and I have a pretty steady hand for lettering.

 And then I did this for a while.
Ryan had also been sleeping on a futon and we decided it was time for a legit bed, since he is now man-sized.  My dad and I split the cost and hooked him up. My Dad's wife Rhonda bought all new bedding for his new bed.  Isnt it cute? 

 Also, can we take a moment to acknowledge the Instagram post he hashtagged #bestmomever ?!? 
Please enjoy this beautiful moment:


Friday, January 3, 2014

I prefer my art to be dangerous.

So, I recently went to one of those super-cute wine and painting parties!  It was so much fun, and I came away with a pretty legit little painting... However, so did 6 of my friends.
 I love them but I don't want twinsie art in my house.  I like to be different... SO, I decided once I got home to make it a little more exciting and dangerous with the addition of a terrifying shark!

I kind of want to do this to every painting at goodwill.  This could get stupid.

Now I have a super scary and fun painting that I can pass down to future generations.
You're welcome,  Ancestors.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Colorado Flag String art (Janky home-made gifts series part 3)

Remember last year's Denver Skyline string art that I made for Mike and Ali?  Well, Old Man W's dad saw it at their house and mentioned he liked it, so he and I decided string art was the perfect (cheap and easy) Christmas gift for him from Ry.  Since Ry is now 14 it was a perfect project for him to do, and it only cost about $12. 
His dad is a fan of Colorado-themed things, since Colorado is awesome and he lives elsewhere and wants to represent.
It Turned out awesome!


$6  Wood board (with 40% off coupon)
$0  Stain I already had from last year's project
$4  string
$1.50 nails

I used tape to mark the stripes, and made dots in marker for the kid to hammer the nails into, as well as marking the C and circle with marker dots.  He did the rest.


This is what it looked like before string.

And this is what happens when we attempt to do anything in this house.  Kitten stomp!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween costumes Ryan has rocked

Ryan always has a kick-ass halloween costume.  Here are some of them.

My personal favorite:  Robot friend.  
A box, silver spray paint, silver duct tape, some creative re-use of food packaging, dryer duct stuff, automotive department reflectors and some glow sticks made the body. 
The hat/head was courtesy of
(Ryan's Pop has an "in" at the company- his awesome wife Rhonda works there and they were kind enough to invite us to their company halloween party- these pics were taken at the party!)

Top Gun
That one was easy and not so DIY, as I recall I was a little overwhelmed that year.
We bought the flight suit online, added aviators, a moustache and a smug attitude.
Just like his dad haha.

When is the last time you saw a bad-ass pilot petting a zoo animal?
Last year- "Hungry Hungry Hipster"
He collected candy in a whole foods bag, and borrowed some of my skinny jeans.
Who you goanna call?

I remember spending a lot of time in military surplus stores for this one, and it seems like this was one of the more expensive and time consuming costumes.
-the tan jumpsuit was from the surplus store and I remember being annoyed by the cost.
-I made a little iron-on patch for the chest and sleeve
-The proton pack started as a backpack frame like this: (an item like it on ebay)
-Ryan's dad did a lot of stuff with plywood, nails, spraypaint and glue to make it. The little details include a frisbee, a couple food-packaging things, like lids to jars, etc., a slinky, and some reflectors.  The hose was from an old vaccuum we found at a yard sale. I think.



And one year he was a viking.

I bought some fake fur at Jo-ann's to make into a pelt (I basically cut it up to be vaguely vest-shaped.)
That was the extent of effort I put in that year.  I think he already had the other stuff.

Wasn't he cute?  And his little BFF Tara was Cruella DeVille that year. 
Feel free to copy my awesome ideas.  And please enjoy this picture of my cat dressed up as a dinosaur with a tiny caveman riding on her back.

Happy Meowl-oween!